Jesus Name News Podcast

003 – The 2nd Amendment & Christians

04/14/2021 | 56 min

Because of the latest mass shootings, President Biden announced his intentions to possibly use executive action on gun control saying, “No amendment is absolute.” On the latest installment of the Jesus Name News Podcast, Larry and Derek seek to find out what the Bible says about weapons. Should Christians own weapons? Should we use them? What is the criteria for using force for defense?

002 – The Image on the Coin

04/07/2021 | 49 min

On today’s episode, Larry and Derek take a look at why young adults increasingly have no religious preference. How does politics factor into the equation? What role does the Western Church play in this drop in religious affiliation? Does western Christianity always gel with biblical Christianity?

001 – Rappers, shoes, & god

03/31/2021 | 33 min

Twitter was ablaze over “Satan Shoes”. Derek and Larry take look at why Satanic imagery is becoming more prevalent, and whether the current culture of the Church has had any hand in the mockery of what Hell is. How could someone reject the presence of God? Why is arrogance and jealousy so bad?