Perfecting Peace

“The way up is down in the kingdom of God.” – Rev. Richard Fleming.

Matthew 14 starts with Jesus departing from the feeding of the five thousand to pray on the mountain, while he told the disciples to go ahead of him in a boat.

After a little while the sky started to darken, the waves started crashing, the other disciples spoke quietly as the watched things escalate to its climax. Peter could feel the boat rocking now, water began to spill into it. Even when Peter had no idea what was happening, when all he knew was he saw a faint outline, he still stepped out of the boat…

The year 2020 has been wild, this is probably the only time that I would feel it is acceptable to be asking the question, “Is this the beginning of the end?” Which honestly might be a valid question.

I’ve been thinking a lot about peace recently, which it seems like the world doesn’t have a lot of at all these days.  Racism, shootings, police violence AND a Pandemic? That is absolutely insane. It seems like more and more it is getting harder to find peace in this world.

I was thinking about when the Psalmist wrote this phrase “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” or “The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.”

When we trust in Jesus and abide by his commandments EVEN when it feels like everything is falling apart around us we have a perfecting peace. A same voice that spoke “Peace, be still.” calms our lives and offers us a peace that passes all understanding.