A candid look at a Pentecostals visit to a Catholic cathedral.

My thoughts before the trip consisted of an understanding of the Catholic faith and some of how its’ believers practiced, due to second-hand knowledge from book sources and friends of mine that practice the faith. I assumed that it would be just a typical informational tour of a building and an expose on the faith of the people that built it. One of the first things that stood out to me that I had not noticed in my first time being there was that there was an eerie quiet that you could feel throughout the entire building, I felt as though I was being physically choked, tears where welling up in my eyes as I walked through and couldn’t feel anything but confusion as I saw more. But, beyond all of that, during what was beginning to feel like an episodic adventure into a castle, among our people— The oneness apostolics in the room, I felt the warmth of God making himself known despite the struggle that I began to face as I was walking through the building. Things can be done in the name of God, and the God that is supposed to indwell whatever the action is. The Cathedral was built in the name of God, but God did not dwell there, until his people, who have been touched by his power, walked themselves inside. After the visit, I realized how thankful I am for the ability to speak to God directly and not have to follow a man made religion.

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