Be who God made you to be!

We look around life and wonder is there something greater, is there something more i am suppose to be doing. After this question we then go to ‘why am i not doing it’. I am always amazed by the thought that the same God that spoke the world into existence, formed the mountains also made man a living soul, He made you!  God made you, He made you for a specific purpose “for such a time as this”, He made you with a passion to live for. God did not make you in vain, He did not make you to be “just another someone” .. He made you to be awesome for His purpose – for your passion. We are all born with a calling, a passion and a call to purpose! Here is the greatest mistake we can do, that is search for this very thing, wonder and agonize over what exactly it is – all the while not talking to the on the creator, the one who made you. I am a huge fan of technology and generally we need help with programs , the F1 key is amazing and sometimes it’s even more awesome than searching Google.  The thing is that F1 key is you asking the maker what exactly is going on, isn’t it time to use the tools God gave you? Prayer, bible are both keys God intends us to use, these are ways we spend time with him, in His presence and He can move into our life and help change us, help mold us – to be a better you, to be a more inspired you but the most important is to be the you that you are suppose to be.

God Bless,

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