just a basic rant on END TIMES. DEC 21 2012 has been a big significant event we see but truly this is not a SET date so its from Oct 24, 2007 to 2015ish. the odd thing about this is not only do the Mayan’s say about this but also Egyptians, Nostradamus & Edgar Casey. The reason the dates 2007-2015 is the eclipse cycles according to the Jewish feasts. If you remember Acts ch 2(v20) it talks about the sun in to darkness and the moon unto blood. Eclipse cycles are on Jewish feast days in 2007-8 & 2014-5. Lunar eclipse is always recognized as a bad sign for Israel & Solar eclipse is always seen as a bad sign for the world. There is much information on end time this is more cosmic related information. Next time i will share some scripture on this. it is deep and interesting.

Christ IS Coming, are you ready if your personal rapture happened five minutes ago?

More later but i hope this helped some.

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